Families, Organizations Share Christmas With Needy

Primghar, Iowa — It’s the holiday season. Many people are making Christmas plans this time of year, but for some people they just hope to be able to survive as a family from day-to-day.
Upper Des Moines Opportunity sponsors and runs a program every year in Osceola County called “Sharing Christmas”. We talked to UDMO’s Amber Jederberg. She says it’s a program that lets community members and groups or organizations provide holiday gifts for low-income families.

You can find the list at Jederberg says they will continue to update the list with new families and will indicate on the list when a certain family number has been adopted.

She says that they hope to have all the gifts taken care of by the middle of December.

She says the turnout last year was great and they’re hoping this year turns out the same.

Again, the list of families can be found here. Pick your family and then call Upper Des Moines to adopt them. If your family or one you know of is needy and would like to apply to be “adopted,” contact Upper Des Moines in Sibley at (712) 754-2573.

A similar program called “Adopt-A-Family” is run through the O’Brien County Upper Des Moines Office. Contact their office in Primghar for further information.

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