Gimme Five!

Milford, Iowa — There was a big law enforcement presence at Okoboji Middle School about 8:00 o’clock Friday morning, according to witnesses, but in this case, that was a POSITIVE thing.

KIWA had a listener ask us Friday morning, “What’s going on at Okoboji Middle School, there are a ton of cop cars there?” We reached out to the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office, the agency that handles dispatcher duties for the Milford area, and are pleased to report that it was, as the Sheriff’s Office official told us, a “High-Five Friday.”

According to the Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office, High-Five Fridays are when a group of lakes-area police officers visit one of the schools in their area, and give the kids “high-fives” as they arrive for school.

With everything going on in our country in recent months, it’s nice to see a group of police cars outside a school building for something GOOD.

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