JFA and ATLAS Join Forces For Youth Mentoring For Leadership

Rock Rapids, Iowa — There’s a youth mentoring program available in Sioux and Lyon counties, similar to Big Brothers and Big Sisters.
ATLAS of Lyon County
The new program is a joint venture between ATLAS of Lyon County and Justice For All in Rock Valley. The non-profits have similar goals including helping others and uniting the community in Christ. Beth Judd, who works for both organizations, tells us more about the youth mentoring program.

She says it’s for middle and high school students ages 12 to 18.

She tells us what kind of adults they’re looking for to be mentors.

She says that mentoring involves regular interaction.

She says while they are working with the public schools, the program is not limited to those schools.

Judd tells us why the program was developed.

Application forms for mentors and youth can be found at Justice For All in Rock Valley or ATLAS of Lyon County in Rock Rapids, and they’ll soon be available at Justice For All’s web site, She says online training for mentors is also available, and that parents of mentored youth do need to consent to their child or children participating in the program. She says there are also some requirements for potential mentors.

Judd says that while they’ll consider applicants at all times, they’re looking to line up mentors and youth before school starts this fall.

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