Merry Money Sales Sets Record

SCDC sheldon chamber door signSheldon, Iowa — Shoppers scooped up more than $134,000 in Merry Money during Monday’s Merry Money sales period.

Heidi Brown of the Sheldon Marketing Committee says that the organization sold $134,670 in Merry Money during the annual ONE DAY sale held Monday, November 9 in the Sheldon Community Services Center. This was the 10th anniversary of Sheldon’s Merry Money holiday promotion and the first year that the total Merry Money dollars for sale were increased from $100,000 to $150,000.

Brown says $100,000 had been sold by 11am Monday morning, so they were pleased to have more available this year!  She says every dollar sold means a dollar that STAYS in Sheldon and benefits our LOCAL merchants and community!

The four local banks – Citizens State Bank, Iowa State Bank, Peoples Bank and Northwestern Bank each contribute to the advertising & printing costs of the program. Both KIWA and Iowa Information contribute additional advertising of the Merry Money program to help stretch those donated advertising dollars.

The local SCDC member merchants that participate in the program underwrite 5% of the 10% discount on the purchase of Merry Money and the Sheldon Marketing Committee underwrites the other 5% of the discount. Brown says it’s a great example of the retailers, local banks, media, and the Marketing Committee working together for the good of the community.

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