MidAmerican Energy Wants You To “Slam The Scam”

beware-of-scamsNorthwest Iowa — In the last few weeks we’ve been telling you about various scams that are being perpetrated on people in the area.  Many of the scams involve people claiming to work for your electric or natural gas utility.

These scams have become so prevalent that MidAmerican Energy has launched a new campaign called, “Slam The Scam”.  Ashley Neuman of MidAmerican tells us about the campaign.

She says that if someone shows up at your door claiming to be from MidAmerican Energy, there is one quick way to determine if they’re on the level.

Neuman says one of the most prevalent scams making the rounds involves a caller claiming to be from MidAmerican Energy, who tells you that your utility bill is overdue, and demands immediate payment to avoid a utility shutoff.  She says MidAmerican doesn’t operate that way.

She says you should not depend on your phone’s Caller ID to verify that a call is coming from MidAmerican Energy.

Neuman says MidAmerican has developed a website that can provide more information on how to avoid these scams.

To visit that website, click here.

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