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Movie Money Floating In Area Again

Northwest Iowa — Over the past couple of months law enforcement authorities around northwest Iowa have been warning of people passing counterfeit “Movie Money”. It’s been discovered again, within the past few days, in another northwest Iowa community.

The bills, which we’re told look like the real deal….unless you look closely, have now been found in Sioux Center, along with half a dozen other communities in the area.

Now, we can show you what this funny money looks like. The fake twenties that have been passed in Sioux Center, the words “For Motion Picture Purposes” is clearly visible on the front side of the bill. On the back side, the words, “The Money Production” are emblazened across the top of the bill.

If any of these bogus bills show up in your business, please call your local law enforcement agency.

Images of the actual twenty dollar bills passed in Sioux Center may be viewed above.

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