O’Brien County To Share Engineer Again

Tom SnyderPrimghar, Iowa — O’Brien County Engineer Tom Snyder is used to sharing his services with other counties.

He tells us that due to the resignation of Osceola County Engineer Charlie Bechtold, he is about to enter into another temporary sharing agreement.

Bechtold had been the engineer in Osceola County since early 2013, when he took over the position from Snyder, when Snyder took the O’Brien County position. Find out more about how the four northwest Iowa counties’ engineers offices shared personnel in this 2012 story on

Snyder says temporary sharing of county engineer services is fairly common in Iowa.

He says it will involve some extra drive time, but he doesn’t anticipate any issues.

The Boards of Supervisors for Osceola and O’Brien Counties hammered out a 28E agreement for the sharing of engineering services this week.

Snyder says the agreement is in effect until Osceola County can find a new engineer. The agreement expires on November 1st, 2016.
Photo caption: Tom Snyder

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