Police Chief Urges Caution At Sheldon Intersection

Sheldon, Iowa — An intersection in Sheldon has been an issue for pedestrians lately. That according to Sheldon Police Chief Lyle Bolkema.
He says that drivers commonly understand that they must yield the right of way to pedestrians when they are in a crosswalk. But he says a number of Sheldon motorists are failing to yield to pedestrians at the pedestrian crossing at Sixth Street and Washington Avenue, particularly during that period of time before and after school. That’s the intersection about a block west of the south side of East Elementary and Children’s World.

The chief reminds motorists that they are required to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians crossing the road within a marked cross walk.

He says, “The fine for this violation is $195. Please govern your actions accordingly.”

Chief Bolkema also says that since that crossing is fairly new, people may not be used to it, hence the issue.

Again, you should always yield to pedestrians, but especially those in a crosswalk. And the intersection that the chief is highlighting in this case is the one at Sixth Street and Washington Avenue.

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