Pork Producers Encourage You To Eat Pork During October — Pork Month

Northwest Iowa — October is Pork Month in the United States.

Pork producers say that October — Pork Month — is an opportunity to refresh the connection consumers have with farmers. They say the mission of farmers is to produce safe, nutritious food in a responsible manner for families across the United States and around the world.

We caught up with Sioux County Pork Producers President, Tim Schmidt who tells us that October became known as Pork Month because it marked the time of year when hogs were traditionally marketed. But now that pork is raised, butchered, and marketed year-round, today, it serves as a celebration to thank hog farmers and share their stories with consumers. Schmidt says pork is very versatile.

He says the thing about pork is it has great flavor, and because it’s economical compared to comparable cuts of other meats, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to have pork, but it’s tasty enough for a special occasion as well.

He tells us what it is that pork producers want consumers to know.

Schmidt says that while margins are slimmer for pork producers right now, they should keep the faith and remain committed to the ethical raising of pigs.

He says that the Pork Checkoff helps support the marketing of pork to consumers.

Schmidt says the small percentage goes a long way.

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