Potholes Doing Damage To Area Vehicles

potholeNorthwest Iowa — Our cars are taking a beating as this winter’s freeze-thaw cycle is leading to deep potholes on many of the area’s roads. A spokeswoman for the state’s largest auto insurer says smacking a pothole just right may do a lot more than rattle your teeth, as it can translate to an expensive repair bill.

Ann Avery, at State Farm, offers a few tips for avoiding the bumps in the road.

It’s also an advantage to slow down and give yourself a chance to spot the pothole and avoid it before you’re in it.

She says a close encounter with a road crater can lead to wrecked tires, dented wheels and suspension trouble.

Potholes can be a bigger hazard for motorcyclists. She recommends riders try to go around the chuckholes and to do so safely, you must be able to spot them from a distance. Slow down before reaching the obstacle and make sure you have enough room before changing direction.

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