Sheldon Digs Out From 13+ Inches Of Snow

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon area received more a foot of snow in the recent blizzard.
Travel was not advised on any roadway in northwest Iowa on Tuesday night, due to the blowing snow, and a towing ban was in effect, which means tow trucks were being advised not to pull any stranded vehicles until the weather improved. Several vehicles were stranded on the highways until Wednesday morning.

Sheldon Public Works Department Director Todd Uhl says for a while it was a battle to stay ahead of the falling snow. He says they pulled their plows at 5:30 PM Tuesday night.

Many businesses, industries, and schools were closed for the day — which he says has helped the city street crews.

He says they actually prefer to plow overnight because of the winter parking ordinance in Sheldon, which states that cars may not park on the street from 2:00 to 6:00 AM, but on Tuesday they were out during the day as well, trying to keep up with the snow.

The winds are not the only problem. He says the wet snow added to the issues.

While the roads may be clear, law enforcement officers in northwest Iowa were also advising that roads were getting slick in places Wednesday afternoon due to the blowing snow combined with the warmth of the sun and traffic melting it on the roadway.

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