Sheldon Fish Kill Update

Fish KillSheldon, Iowa — Last week we told you about a fish kill along the Little Floyd River near Sheldon.   That fish kill was reported by a person who had spotted some dead fish while out for a walk.

Tom Roos, of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, said it initially appeared to involve a small number of fish, but a follow-up investigation indicated that the kill had stretched at least three miles, and involved hundreds of fish, mostly small chubs, minnows, and suckers.

We followed up with DNR Officer Roos Wednesday (September 14th) morning, and he tells us no source could be found to account for this fish kill.  Roos says that, despite an intensive investigation, no hard evidence was found that would point to a cause.

According to Roos, the fish kill was located in Section 3 of Carroll Township, which is about three miles east-southeast of Sheldon.

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