Sheldon Home Sustains Damage In Fire

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon home sustained damage when a malfunctioning light fixture caused a fire in the ceiling.
Sheldon Fire Tanker 1 Sept 2015
According to Sheldon Fire Chief Jerry Meyer, at about 6:05 AM on Tuesday, December 1st the Sheldon Fire Company was called to fire in a home at 1430 Oak Street in Sheldon.

The chief says that when they got there, light smoke was seen coming from the eves of the home and the inside of the home smelled of smoke.

It was found that a round ceiling “can light” in the living room had malfunctioned and caught the rafter it was attached to and the insulation around it on fire.

The fire crew had to remove sheetrock and insulation to get at the fire and then used a water & foam fire extinguisher to put it out.

The home sustained substantial damage in the living room ceiling and rafters. No dollar figure estimate of the damage was available.

Firefighters were on scene about three hours, and there were no injuries, says Meyer.

The chief says that about 3:00 PM that same day the Fire Company was again called to the same address because the home owner saw smoke in the garage.

After investigating, it was found that there was a spot in the attic that had reignited.

Crews removed more sheetrock and insulation and put the fire out.

Firefighters were on scene for about an hour and a half.

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