Sioux Center Answers Highway 75 Questions

Sioux Center LogoSioux Center, Iowa — When Sioux Center voters go to the polls this coming Tuesday they’ll be asked to decide if the City should issue $4 million in General Obligation Capital Loan Notes for “aiding, planning and undertaking an urban renewal project which will involve the study, planning, design and construction of the US Highway #75 Enhanced Four Lane Improvement Project.”

In an attempt to inform Sioux Center voters, the City of Sioux Center has released a series of Frequently Asked Questions, of FAQ’s, about the project.

The FAQ’s, and their answers, cover such topics as:

  • Why is the city looking at enhancing Highway 75?
  • How can safety be incorporated into Highway 75?
  • How will an enhanced 4-lane improve efficiency?
  • How will appearance be addressed?
  • Will this project raise taxes?
  • What is the timetable?
  • What will happen to downtown parking?
  • What is the city doing to help residents who live on Highway 75?
  • What about the aging utilities under the highway?

These questions were answered in the FAQ document released by the City of Sioux Center.  Just click here to see these questions and answers. (document will open in a new window.)

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