Sioux Center Firefighters Called To Fire Call At Mall

Sioux Center, Iowa — Sioux Center firefighters responded to a call at the Centre Mall on Wednesday morning, December 9th.
sioux center fire logo door
According to Sioux Center firefighter Dale Vander Berg, the fire department was called out a few minutes before 9 AM to the report of a possible fire in the ceiling above the mall’s center court. As is standard operating procedure with a structure fire in Sioux Center, the Sioux Center Ambulance team and the Hull Fire Department were also called to report to the scene.

However, Vander Berg says when Sioux Center firefighters arrived, they found only a small electrical cord had been on fire, and mall employees had pretty much put it out with fire extinguishers, so the Hull firefighters were called and were told they didn’t have to come to Sioux Center.

Vander Berg says firefighters were only there for a few minutes, and damage was minimal.

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