What To Do If Your Computer Is Held For Ransom

computerNorthwest Iowa — Computer scams are back in the news in northwest Iowa, and one of the most common is carried out by a hacker taking control of your computer and locking you out unless you pay them a fee.

This “Ransomware”, as it’s called leaves the computer’s owner with few options, according to Wayne Barahona of Super Hi-Tech in Sheldon and Orange City.

He says that Ransomware software works by encrypting all of your computer’s files.

Barahona says that, unfortunately, the Ransomware attacks happen fairly regularly.

He talks about ways to backup your computer’s data.

We asked Barahona how hackers deliver the Ransomware to an unsuspecting user’s computer.

He says web surfing and even email can be dangerous if you’re not careful.

Barahona says that if you have questions, your best bet is to call your computer professional.

He says that the easiest way to avoid Ransomware is to pay attention and be alert when online.  A good rule of thumb:  If you’re not 100% sure about what you’re clicking on, don’t click on it.

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