July 22, 2019

Fairs Continue In Primghar, Rock Rapids

Rock Rapids and Primghar, Iowa — It’s county fair time in northwest Iowa. The Sioux and Osceola county fairs were last week. This week it’s the Lyon and O’Brien county

Northwestern Boys Basketball Camp Award Winners

Northwestern College hosted the first of its two boys’ basketball camps on July 15th through the 18th in the Bultman Center, Rowenhorst Student Center and MOC-Floyd Valley High School. Camp

Expert Talks About Tractor Rollover Safety, Prevention

Northwest Iowa — With the tragic tractor rollover accidents in our area in recent weeks, we talked to Agricultural Engineer Dr. Kris Kohl from Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

Orange City Fire Department Kept Busy

Orange City, Iowa — The Orange City Fire Department has been busy in recent days, but thankfully, no actual fires were discovered.