Heat-related explosion in Manchester

Officials confirm it was heat that caused an explosion at a farm co-op in Manchester this afternoon. Initial reports indicate one anhydrous tank overheated and exploded, knocking over another anhydrous

Fundraising for tear down in Villisca downtown

Fundraising is underway to help finance demolition of three buildings in downtown Villisca. One of the buildings — the Rialoto Theater — has been a landmark in the southwest Iowa

Weeks-long hearing on carbon pipeline begins

Landowners who object to letting the Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline run through their properties are making their case to state utility regulators. The Iowa Utilities Board’s hearing on the company’s

Investigation of northeast Iowa hit-and-run

Charges are pending in a northeast Iowa crash that led to a hit-and-run suspect being flown to a nearby hospital. The accident happened Friday at 7 p.m. between Cresco and