Efforts continue on a new five year Farm Bill

IARN — Advocating for Iowa Agriculture on Capitol Hill.  Now that the 2018 Farm Bill has officially been extended for another year, Mark Hayes with the Farm Credit Council, who is doing a great job representing us in Washington DC, says the march for a permanent, long-term Farm Bill continues.

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Growth Energy concerned over lack of E15 decisions

IARN — Ethanol has had quite a rollercoaster ride these past few years. Whether it has been the battle to get access year-round, or the fiasco after we finally got it, and the courts overturned it. Now, we are battling once again with an administration that promised to do right by the industry but has done nothing but patch jobs and stonewalling the first three years of its term.

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Reducing risks associated with fertilizer reduction

IARN — As input prices vary, producers are looking for ways to reduce and optimize their nutrient applications. However, when prices are low, that doesn’t mean that farmers should start over-applying synthetic fertilizers. Nick Becker, director of field sales with Sound Agriculture, talked about some of the negative effects that can come from over-application.

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Farmers are an asset on trade trips

IARN — So many of our goods are sent out through export to other countries. Agriculture is one of many industries that relies on strong trade with partners around the globe. It takes a team of good people who can help us find new markets and strengthen our relations with existing markets to keep the goods flowing out and the money flowing back to our American farmers.

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