Significant savings through targeting weeds directly

IARN — Weeds are one of the biggest threats to crop production and precision agriculture is continuing to make leaps and bounds in weed fighting technology. The Greeneye Technology sprayer system was launched in 2022 and this fall was the second commercial season for the aftermarket smart spraying system.

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Pork industry leader Randy Spronk elected new USMEF Chair

IARN — Membership of the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) elected Randy Spronk, a pork and grain producer from Edgerton, MN, as their chair at the USMEF Strategic Planning Conference. A past president of National Pork Producers Council and Minnesota Pork Producers Association, Spronk is president and managing partner for Spronk Brothers Holding. Spronk said his priorities for the coming year include setting U.S. pork, beef, and lamb apart from the global competition in order to build demand.

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Keepers work hard to protect their bees in the winter

IARN — Bees are sometimes the unsung heroes of American food production. They help to pollinate plants, plus they make the honey that we all enjoy. I say this having enjoyed some on some toast just this morning. However, just like any animal or person, they have to protect themselves for the cold winter months. The bees that are raised around the country have to rely on the expertise of their keepers to keep them alive.

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