Remsen Man Charged With Felony OWI

Sioux Center, Iowa — A Remsen man faces a felony OWI charge after arousing the suspicion of a Sioux Center Police Officer and a Sioux County Sheriff’s Deputy.

According to court records, in the early hours of June 3rd of this year, officers encountered 35-year-old Alfred James Nelson of Remsen at the Shell Gas Station in Sioux Center. Officers say Nelson was acting strangely and admitted that he had driven to the station.

Court records indicate that a Sioux County Deputy, who is also a Drug Recognition Expert, asked Nelson to take field sobriety tests and Nelson reportedly agreed. Nelson allegedly failed all of the tests, and the deputy says he saw signs of impairment in Nelson.

Authorities say Nelson agreed to provide a urine sample, which was sent to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Lab for testing, which allegedly revealed that Nelson had THC, amphetamine and Methamphetamine in his system at the time the urine sample was taken.

As a result of the DCI Lab report, Sioux Center Police have filed a charge of 3rd Offense OWI, which is a Class D Felony, against Nelson.


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