Sioux Center Man Jailed Following A Saturday Incident In Sioux Center

Sioux Center, Iowa — An argument that police say escalated into an assault has landed a Sioux Center man in hot water.

According to Sioux Center Police, the incident took place late Saturday afternoon. Court records indicate that 39-year-old Robert Christopher Carroll got into an argument with an individual with who Carroll cohabited. According to the Criminal Complaint, the argument escalated and became physical, with Carroll being the alleged aggressor.

Sioux Center Police took Carroll into custody, and charged him with Domestic Abuse Assault 3rd Offense, which makes it a Class D Felony charge. Authorities say Carroll had two previous convictions for Domestic Abuse Assault; one in October, 1994 and another in November of 2009, both of which were in Sioux County. In addition, Carroll was charged with Interference With Official Acts in connection with Saturday’s alleged incident.


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