Sioux Falls Pair Facing Felony Charges After Alleged Violations At Casino

Larchwood, Iowa — A Sioux Falls pair have been arrested on felony gambling-related charges at Grand Falls Casino near Larchwood.

According to a criminal complaint filed with the Lyon County Clerk of Court’s Office by the county sheriff’s office, 36-year-old Jeanette Henry and 38-year-old Curtis Wilson of Sioux Falls were arrested this past week.

In his statement, the deputy alleges that Henry and Wilson went to the Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort. But Wilson is subject to a setoff due to unpaid child support, which makes him ineligible to collect a jackpot requiring tax withholding, should he win one. The deputy says Wilson did end up winning a tax-deductible jackpot on a slot machine and had Henry claim it on his behalf so as to avoid a setoff. The deputy says the jackpot was $2,256.73 before taxes and $1,918.22 after tax was withheld. He says Henry claimed this jackpot despite not having made any wager to win the game and with the intent to defraud. After Henry collected the winnings and they were split with Wilson, she made a police report claiming that Wilson committed a theft of the jackpot winnings, knowing that the theft did not occur. If charged, a theft of that amount would be 2nd Degree, a Class D Felony in Iowa.

Wilson was charged with gambling – avoid setoff, while Henry was charged with gambling – false claim of winnings. Both are class D felonies. If convicted, each could face up to five years in prison. In addition, Henry faces misdemeanor charges of false report of indictable offense to a public entity and malicious prosecution.

She faces a preliminary hearing on Friday, May 24th.

After being booked into the Lyon County Jail in Rock Rapids, Henry and Wilson were both released until their next court dates; Henry after posting a $5000 bond.


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