South Dakota Man Faces Felony Charges After Incidents At Sioux Center Hotel, Hospital

Sioux Center, Iowa — A South Dakota man has been arrested on drug, assault, and bribery charges after incidents at a Sioux Center hotel and the Sioux Center hospital.

According to a criminal complaint filed with the Sioux County Clerk of Court’s Office by the Sioux Center Police Department, 28-year-old Daniel Baer of Onaka, South Dakota (near Aberdeen) is accused of harassing an employee at the hotel and causing a scene. He was arrested on Sunday, October 22nd.

In his statement, the officer states that there was a report of a guest at the Sioux Center Holiday Inn Express harassing the front desk employee. The officer says the guest, Baer, was arrested for public intox. He was transported to the Sioux Center Health Emergency Room for medical clearance, per jail policy. The officer says once Baer was medically cleared, he allegedly became extremely combative. The officer also says that Baer offered money bribes to two officers to be released. He says Baer was allegedly extremely loud and caused distress to other families and children at the emergency room. He is also accused of assaulting two officers, and possessing a THC vape pen.

Baer was charged with bribery and assaulting officers, both class D felonies . If convicted of a class D felony, Baer could face up to five years in prison. He also faces misdemeanor charges of possession of cannabidiol and drug paraphernalia, making loud noises, interference with official acts, and public intoxication.

He faces a preliminary hearing on the charges on Tuesday, October 31st.

Baer was released the same day he was arrested after posting a $5000 bond.