Lights and Sirens

Sheldon Man Assaults Officer, Flees

Sheldon, Iowa — A Sheldon Police Officer was injured while attempting to arrest a Sheldon man late Sunday night.

Sheldon Police Chief Lyle Bolkema tells KIWA the incident began when Sheldon Officer Todd Wood observed a vehicle being driven by an individual he had recently arrested, and subsequently knew to not have a valid driver’s license. Bolkema says the individual turned east on 6th Street from 2nd Avenue, and accelerated rapidly. When Officer Wood caught up to the suspect’s vehicle, it slowed but didn’t stop, running up over the curb on numerous occasions. The vehicle then turned onto 8th Avenue and stopped, after running up onto another curb.

Bolkema says Officer Wood witnessed the subject making furtive movements in the vehicle, and advised him that he was under arrest, and to step from the vehicle. The subject reportedly exited the vehicle without incident, but when Officer Wood reached for his handcuffs the suspect allegedly attacked him, punching the officer in the face at least once, breaking his glasses and causing a black eye. The suspect then led Officer Wood on a foot pursuit, according to Bolkema, and eventually gave the officer the slip.

In addition, Bolkema says the vehicle being driven by the suspect bore license plates that came back to another vehicle.

Authorities have identified the suspect as Edgardo Torres-Gallozo of Sheldon. Bolkema says a warrant has been issued for Torres-Gallozo’s arrest on charges of: Escape From Custody;¬† Fraudulent Use of Registration; Failure to Provide Proof of Insurance; Operating a Non-Registered Vehicle; Assault on a Police Officer Causing Bodily Injury; Interference With Official Acts Causing Bodily Injury; Failure to Yield to an Emergency Vehicle; Driving Without a Valid Driver’s License; and Eluding.

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