200 Iowa Families Offered Free Online Preschool, Starting Next Month

Statewide Iowa — Iowa families will have a new option for early education this year. The nonprofit organization Waterford-dot-org is offering free preschool to 200 children in the state.

The program is called Waterford Upstart and works with children and parents through online lessons. Spokeswoman Kim Fischer says the online approach is imperative, which is why the software and internet access will be made available for free.

Although the application is open now to all families, the program will focus on children in need and those in underserved populations. Fischer says the program centers on Iowans who don’t have access to brick and mortar schools, and on those who don’t speak English fluently.

Previous CDC research found Hispanic students have the lowest rates of access to in-person schools. The program will run from August through May.



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