Alert Store Clerk Saves Area Resident From Losing $9,000 To A Scammer

Sheldon, Iowa — It’s happened again. Another Sheldon area resident ALMOST became the victim of a scam.

Wayne Barahona, owner of Super Hi-Tech in Sheldon, says one of his employees intervened when a customer tried to have Super Hi-Tech ship money to a scammer. Barahona says this time the amount was $9,000. Barahona says that, while he’s glad his employees have helped people not lose their hard-earned dollars to scammers on several occasions, he’s sickened by the knowledge that his employees haven’t been able to prevent everybody who fell for a scam to save their money.

Remember, if somebody instructs you to pay your past-due IRS tax bill, past-due utility bill, bail for your grandchild, etc, with Amazon or i-Tunes Gift Cards, you’re talking to a scammer. If they suggest that you pack up several thousand dollars IN CASH and ship it to them via FedEx, UPS, or whatever, you’re talking to a scammer. If they tell you that you have to pay RIGHT NOW, you’re talking to a scammer. And if they tell you that you shouldn’t talk to anybody about the situation, you are DEFINITELY talking to a scammer.

Be alert for the red flags. Don’t take anything at face value. And if you’re not 100% sure the call is legitimate, talk to your adult children, or your local law enforcement agency. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim.

Many of us grew up in a time when people could be taken at their word, when they could get the benefit of the doubt. Sadly, those days are gone. There are bad people out there whose mission in life is to separate you from as much of your hard-earned money as they possibly can. Be alert. Pay attention. Be skeptical. It’s your money. Don’t let a crook scam you out of it.



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