Another GOP Presidential Candidate Visits Iowa

Statewide Iowa — Governor Doug Burgum campaigned in Iowa this week, after kicking off his long shot campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in his home state of North Dakota.

The state produced a million barrels of oil a day in 2022 and Burgum, in the middle of his second term as North Dakota’s governor, says energy policy will be a focus of his campaign.

Burgum argues the U.S. needs to pursue an all-of-the-above energy strategy and he’s criticizing the Biden Administration’s quick shift to promoting electric vehicles.

The proposed route Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline that would run through Iowa ends in North Dakota, where the carbon would be permanently stored underground. The federal government is offering an 85 dollar tax credit for every metric ton of carbon that’s captured. Burgum says the subsidy makes sense.

Burgum took office in North Dakota in the midst of protest over the Dakota Access pipeline, which ships crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois. He says the pipeline, which began operating six years ago, helped fuel America as the global market was rocked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Burgum says the Biden Administration has weaponized the EPA, which is conducting an environmental review of that pipeline, and he says that sends the wrong message.

Burgum supports the federal ethanol and biodiesel production mandates.

Burgum visited the state the middle of this past week.