BBB Warns Of Paving Scams

Statewide Iowa — Iowa homeowners are warned to be wary of road construction crews that pull up unannounced and offer to spread a new asphalt driveway for you on the cheap. Jim Hegarty, with the Better Business Bureau, says folks in the region are already reporting cases of this familiar scam and he says, don’t be fooled.
Scam Alert

(As above) “They’ve got trucks that look sort of legitimate,” Hegarty says. “They’ll claim they have leftover asphalt from a state job and they need to have cash and they’ll get it done for you before day’s end. Sometimes, they’ll actually start tearing out the driveway. They’ll take the cash, or if you give them a check before banking hours close, they’ll hit the local bank, cash the check and you’ll never see them again.” It’s always a risk when someone comes to your door offering a deal, Hegarty says, and if you’re not careful, you could get taken by one of these fast-talking crooks.

(As above) “These are travelers, sort of like gypsies, and they have encampments all over the South,” he says. “Whenever the weather breaks, they start to move up towards our area.” The best bet, Hegarty says, is to just say “no” and to contact a reputable, local company if your driveway needs repairs.

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