Both Teams Predict Victory In “The Showdown In Sheldon”

softballSheldon, Iowa — The game being billed as “The Showdown In Sheldon” is scheduled for Monday night at 5:00 at the new ball fields located north of the Sheldon Middle School, along Highway 18.

The ball field complex was a joint venture between the City of Sheldon and the Sheldon Community School District, and Monday night’s game will be a good-natured “rumble” between teams from those two entities.

Sheldon City Councilman Greg Geels, who is in the lineup for the City and SCDC team, predicts a win for his team, and says their experience will be the key to victory.

Sheldon Community Schools Activity Director Justin Albers says his team not only has the advantage of youth and athleticism, but a very imposing outfield lineup.

Geels says his team does have an “ace in the hole”, if it’s needed.

Albers says the fact that the School District owns all the athletic equipment gives his team a decided advantage.

Geels says that, if the City & SCDC team bats first, the School District team may not get a chance to get up to the plate.

Albers, however, had a slightly different prediction about how the game would unfold.

Both Geels and Albers said that, all kidding aside, the partnership between the Sheldon Community Schools and the City of Sheldon that resulted in the ball field project being realized is a very good thing for the community.  Geels went on to say that, anytime the City can partner with an outside entity, great things happen for Sheldon.

Monday’s “Showdown In Sheldon” ballgame will begin at 5:00 pm, and will precede the dedication of the new ball fields.  The game will be broadcast live on KIWA-FM 105.3.



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