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Sheldon City Council Meeting May 6, 2020 WATCH HERE

Sheldon, Iowa — It appears that some of  the issues that were delaying the work on the former Sunset Motel property and the 1023 Garfield Avenue location are being resolved. At Sheldon’s City Council meeting Wednesday, it was reported that attorney David Hanson, has met with the attorneys representing the City of Sheldon and Kerwin and Kathy Sterler. Hanson specializes in complicated deed issues. It appears that the outcome will lead to a positive solution and the Sterlers can begin to work on the two properties. The public hearing on rezoning the former Motel property has been continued until the next council meeting.

At previous council meetings, the City has voiced their displeasure with the way the Winther, Stave firm handled last year’s audit of the City’s finances. The Company has apologized, and Wednesday the Council voted to send a letter accepting their apology and giving them another chance this year.

The Council also passed the water rate ordinance on to its third reading, authorized the solicitation of bids to sell salvage rights on an old corn crib on South 5th Avenue, passed a resolution on new ambulance rates, and did not act on the hiring of an Assistant General Manager for the Crossroads Pavilion event center. The council was told the person who had been chosen for the position is no longer interested. A new name will be chosen from the 24 applications that have been received.

And, the council voted to accept the resignation of Darrell Burns from the Board of Adjustment. The City now has three board openings, one each on the Board of Adjustment, Planning and Zoning Commission, and Parks and Recreation Board. Anyone interested in one of these positions may submit a letter to the utility drop box near the Community Building or send an e-mail to the City.

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