Comeback Cash Promotion Being Dubbed A Success

Sheldon, Iowa — A promotion aimed at getting people to come back to Sheldon businesses has been dubbed a success by SCDC officials.

Comeback Cash was sold on Tuesday to Sheldon area residents at the Crossroads Pavilion Events Center. Chamber Director Shantel Oostra tells us more.

(as said:) “We had a bunch of people waiting in the parking lot already a little before seven o’clock yesterday morning. So it was really good to see a good turnout for that. We ended up selling just under $200,000 in our Comeback Cash. And so it’s really exciting to hear business is already seeing that cash showing up in their place of business. So that’s really exciting.”

Comeback cash works very similarly to Merry Money, with some important differences, that Oostra tells us about.

(as said:) “Our Merry Money is a 10% discount and our Comeback Cash — we actually sold at a 30% discount. Our merchants usually take a 5% discount with the Merry Money. And this is just one hundred percent money in the bank for them. It’s dollar-for-dollar when it comes into their business they get the full profit.”

According to Oostra, the 30 percent discount is made up by the City of Sheldon and the Sheldon Chamber and Development Corporation.

Like Merry Money, there is a limited time for people to use their 30-percent-off “Comeback Cash,” says Oostra.

(as said:) “The cash is good through July 30th. So if you purchased it yesterday you have 30 days to spend that and so you want to make sure you get out and get that money spent at the participating businesses. We do have 44 participating businesses. A list is available. It will be on our Facebook page and on our website and then also each participating business has a poster so, you know that they are accepting the cash.”

For more information, you can call the Sheldon Chamber at 712-324-2813.

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