Community Meetings Planned To Discuss Sheldon High School Renovation Project

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Community School District is looking into some construction work on the distict’s high school, and a bond election is planned for November.

We asked Superintendent Cory Myer if the board had considered a new school instead of renovations.

He tells us about the proposed timeline.

He says they’d start with building some new classrooms.

Myer says they’re going to hold some community meetings where people can find out more about the proposed project and ask questions about it and about how their taxes would be affected. Two meetings have been scheduled. One will be Wednesday, September 20th, and the other is to be Monday, October 16th, both at 6:30 p.m. at Sheldon High School. He tells us they hope to be able to talk to other groups too.

The public will be voting on a 19-million-dollar bond issue. The total project cost is $32.9 million. Myer says $19.16 million would come from the General Obligation (G.O.) Bond that would be voted on in November. District SAVE (statewide sales tax) funds, would be used to pay the remaining amount. Myer says they estimate the SAVE portion to be $13.74 million but they would put in place a resolution to allow the school board to use up to $15.56 million in SAVE funds if costs come in higher than anticipated.

We’ll hear more from Superintendent Myer in future newscasts. Next time he’ll tell us how the project might affect property taxes.