Consumers Encouraged To Include Beef

Northwest Iowa — May is Beef Month. The Iowa Beef Industry Council says it’s a time to celebrate the high-quality beef products that are raised by farmers in Iowa.

They say that the beef industry contributes greatly to Iowa’s economy by generating in excess of $7.4 billion annually, and creating jobs for nearly 40,000 Iowans.

Kent Pruismann, who farms near Rock Valley is president of the Iowa Cattleman’s Association and serves on the executive committee of the national Cattlemen’s Beef Board. He says that beef producers’ message to consumers is basically the same as it’s always been.

He says that while the beef industry continues to face challenges by some groups, beef producers have the history and the science to back up the beef industry.

Since northwest Iowa is a major beef-producing area, we asked Pruismann if he had any advice for beef producers. He says while producers continue to endure the current market downturn, they should not give up hope.

He tells us about a checkoff that would be paid each time a beef animal changes hands, which would generate revenue for beef promotion and research in Iowa.

He says beef producers should be aware that the vote on re-instituting the state beef checkoff will be happening in the late summer to early fall time frame this year.

The Iowa Beef Industry Council says that beef provides 10 essential nutrients and there’s only 150 calories in one three-ounce serving. Beef experts also say that the nutrients in lean beef can also help satisfy hunger and maintain a healthy weight, build muscles, and fuel a healthy and active lifestyle. You can find more information including beef recipes at or



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