“Stamp Out Hunger” On Saturday

Northwest Iowa — Postal Service Letter Carriers in a number of northwest Iowa towns will participate in the annual “Stamp Out Hunger” food drive on Saturday, May 14th. Just a heads-up though:  some towns’ letter carriers are NOT participating, so make sure you know that yours is before setting food by your mailbox.stampouthunger

Every spring, Iowans donate several tons of canned goods to the needy through the U-S Postal Service’s annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive. This year’s event is scheduled for this Saturday. Postal worker Jim Sanner says volunteers will be helping with the food pick-up process in communities across Iowa.

Sanner says it’s easy for Iowans to help out.

Rural customers are asked to place their donated food items inside their mailbox, so rural postal workers don’t have to get out of their delivery vehicles. He also asks that you check the expiration date on all canned goods before setting them out.

Sanner says if a volunteer or a postal worker misses a donation, they will come back to get the items. Learn more at USPS.gov.

According to a postal worker at the Sheldon Post Office, Sheldon postal workers are NOT participating in the food drive.



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