Cory Myer Talks Teacher Parade, When School May Resume & Orab Grab ‘N Go Cafe

Sheldon, Iowa — As we know, the directive from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has schools across the state closed to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. But just because the schools are closed, area schools are still coming up with ways to take care of their students.

KIWA talked with Sheldon Community Schools Superintendent Cory Myer Tuesday morning about a variety of topics. The first was the Teacher Parade that wound its way through Sheldon’s neighborhoods Monday night. Myer called the parade a “great opportunity to reconnect.”

(As above) “There was a great turnout both on the part of our school staff and then on the part of our students and families that joined in from curbside or from their porch or their vehicles we had a pretty good variety of people participating from that regard a lot of the kids had made up signs which was just so touching to see you know I I received a lot of emails and and messages and stuff last night after we were done just saying thanks for what a wonderful opportunity it was from from our staff from our our community I think everybody involved just thought it was a great opportunity for the kids and the staff to reconnect and be able to see each other and and you know we’re we’re stuck at home and we’re dealing with these challenging times just that ability to to connect and see the we’re all okay I think it’s just really what our community needed.”

When Governor Kim Reynolds ordered the state’s schools closed a few weeks ago, she had set April 13th as the date for classes to resume. While Myer says he’ll be surprised if that date doesn’t change, the April 13th date is the one they’re currently planning for.

(As above) “You know there’s a lot of conversation that happens at a variety of different levels. At the regular school level right now superintendent level we’re really not privy to any additional information on when that date might be so right now we’re still planning on that April thirteen day until we hear differently. I know on the governor’s address yesterday, she indicated having some additional information out later this week, so I I anticipate she’s going to provide some further guidance for us, but we’ll continue to follow the guidance of the governor and that the CDC and public health and really just wade through this mess, right along with everybody else as we try and figure out our best process to proceed.”

Myer also told us about one of the programs the Sheldon district is carrying out during the closings, the Orab Grab ‘N Go Cafe.

(As above) “The food opportunity with the Orab Grab ‘N Go meals that we’re providing. Right now we’re putting out about three hundred and fifty meals a day and that’s the lunch time meal and then the following morning breakfast. And our Head Cook Cheryl has just been dynamite. I mean I just can’t say enough positive about her and the work she’s done to put that program together and make sure that we’re providing that opportunity for every single kid in town, irregardless of what school you go to everybody age birth to eighteen we’re providing that meal, and for putting that opportunity on the table so if you need more information about that you know see our school website and we certainly want to reach as many kids as we can.”

In addition to praising the district’s head cook, Myer heaped praise on his entire staff and faculty for the work they’re doing on a daily basis as the Sheldon Community Schools navigate the uncharted waters of the COVID-19 shutdown.

Below are a few images from Monday night’s Sheldon Teacher Parade……photos courtesy of the Sheldon Community Schools………………………

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