Regional Bus Service Suspends Normal Operations

Spencer, Iowa — The transit service for our area is temporarily shutting down for the most part, which could make it even more difficult for seniors to get out and get what they need in the midst of the pandemic.

RIDES advises that they have temporarily ceased providing General Public transportation in their 9-county service area during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They say the RIDES Board of Directors and Executive Management made what they call “this very difficult decision” after extensive discussion and evaluation of the circumstances. They tell us their ridership has been reduced by over 80% and revenue has equally plummeted. RIDES personnel say they had hoped to continue servicing the transit-dependent public as long as they could, however, the delicate balance of protecting the community and passengers they serve combined with the loss of revenue resulted in what they say was, unfortunately, a “really clear choice.”

RIDES says they will continue to provide previously-established dialysis trips and a few medical trips.

But they have closed their administrative office following a reduction in administrative staff.

RIDES officials tell us they are seeking alternative ways to serve the communities and will be reaching out to local businesses to see how they could possibly assist in that manner.

They say they consider it a privilege to serve their communities and they look forward to being back as soon as possible.

You can watch their website, their Facebook page, and listen to their voicemail for updates as to their return.

For more information, you can contact RIDES at 262-7920 or 1-800-358-5037. Their website is

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