Council Seeks Volunteer Painters For Schoolhouse

Sheldon, Iowa — The Prairie Arts Council is asking people to join them in painting the historic Baker Township Schoolhouse, which was recently moved to Sheldon.
School 2
The Arts Council’s Hal Tuttle says they hope to do the “Tom Sawyer Day” at 8 AM on Saturday, July 18th.

Tuttle says you can leave your marbles and broken knives home, but they do hope you’ll join them to paint the old schoolhouse.

He says it will take two coats, so it may take two days. Tuttle says some of the painting supplies have been donated. For instance, the brushes have come from Menard’s.

He says the Prairie Arts Council learned something interesting after the recent publicity about the Baker Township Schoolhouse coming to their grounds.

Tuttle says if you have a group that wants to see the schoolhouses or if you need more information, he’d be happy to help. You can call him at 712-324-4190. He says he’ll make sure the facility is open and provide a guide.

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