Crop Progress Slowed Again This Past Week By Wet Conditions

Statewide Iowa — Planting progress was slowed again last week by wet conditions. Radio Iowa’s Dar Danielson reports.

The USDA crop report says there were just two days suitable for field work due to the rain. The amount of corn planted went from 47 to 57 percent — which is now one week behind last year — after being just two days back the week before. Soybean planting moved from 30 to 39 percent complete, and is now also one week behind last year’s pace.

While the rain has slowed planting, it has helped continue to push back the drought conditions. DNR Hydrologist Tim Hall says the timing of the rain has been important.

He says there has been some flooding, but the lack of soil moisture has kept that down.

The USDA weekly report shows 92 percent of topsoil moisture is now adequate or at a surplus — compared to 73 percent that showed adequate or surplus moisture one week ago.