Current Sibley Pool Scheduled For Deconstruction Soon

Sibley, Iowa — Thanks to generous donors, the Osceola County Aquatic Center Committee has met their goal of a half million dollars, and it’s time for the next step in the process.

That’s from Kim Vander Sloot, who’s on the committee. She tells us about it.

VanderSloot says it is now in the hands of the Sibley City Council.

VanderSloot says that even though the plans for the construction of the new pool are not done, and the matter has yet to go before the voters, crews will begin deconstructing the old pool at the end of the season, which is fast approaching.

According to VanderSloot, some public meetings are planned in regard to the project and the bond issue.

She says that in order for there to be a new aquatic center, the yes vote in November is critical.

The Osceola County Board of Supervisors is also giving $50,000 of county funds toward the project.

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