Dietary Guidelines Include Eggs In Healthy Eating Patterns

Urbandale, Iowa — May is National Egg Month.  At the Iowa Egg Council, they say it’s a month set aside to recognize the incredible egg, as well as the farmers that produce what they call, “nutritious, delicious and economical eggs.”
fried egg

Katie Nola with the egg council tells us about National Egg Month.

She says the USDA says eggs are the lowest cost per serving of high quality protein costing approximately 17 cents per serving and providing 35.3 grams of protein per dollar spent. She reminds us that eggs are versatile because they can be prepared for any meal or snack or can be used as an ingredient in countless recipes.

She says while eggs have taken a bad rap since the 1980’s, eggs are now seen in a much better light in medical and dietary circles, and that’s great news for the egg industry.

According to Iowa State University, the Iowa Egg Industry generates about 8,800 jobs statewide, more than $502 million in labor income, nearly $23 million in general tax revenues to Iowa, and the industry contributes more than $2 billion in total statewide sales annually.



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