East Elementary Students Welcomed By Favorite Super Heroes Wednesday Morning

Sheldon, Iowa — Wednesday, (December 21st) as students arrived at Sheldon’s East Elementary, they were welcomed by some of their favorite superheroes.

East Elementary Secretary Amber Beukelman told KIWA that this tradition began years ago as a dare from the principal, Mr. Groendyke. The students really enjoyed it, according to Beukelman, so they kept it as a yearly tradition to spread holiday cheer and wish the students a merry Christmas.

Throughout the years, the teachers have dressed up as characters from Frozen, Trolls, and Paw Patrol, and this year they decided on a variety of superheroes. Beukelman says as students arrived at school they were excited and waving at the characters on the roof.

Beukelman says normally this tradition is done on the last day of school before winter break, however, with the wind chill warning and winter weather coming in they weren’t sure if they could do it tomorrow and decided today was a better choice.



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