Expert: Apply Crabgrass Control Soon

crabgrass crab grassNorthwest Iowa — If your lawn had a crabgrass problem last summer, the time to take care of it is approaching in the next few weeks according to lawn experts.

We talked with Iowa State University Extension Horticulturist Richard Jauron about the times of the year that people should consider certain lawn tasks. He says while fall is the time to control broadleaf weeds, some plants like crabgrass produce seeds and a pre-emergence herbicide to prevent crabgrass is best applied in the spring.

He also says that if you need to repair spots or plant new grass, that works best in late summer. If you sow in the spring, he says the new grass has to compete with new weeds.

He says you may want to consider a spring lawn fertilizer application as well.

For more information, homeowners and gardeners with lawn questions are invited to contact horticulturists at the ISU Extension “Hortline” by emailing or calling 515-294-3108. You can also search lawn care at



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