Federal Tax Filing Deadline Is Monday

1040 income tax formNorthwest Iowa — April 15th, a date that strikes fear in the hearts of procrastinators all over the United States.  But this year, the date is a little less scary, due to an extension in the deadline for filing your federal income tax returns.

This year, the filing deadline is at midnight this coming Monday, April 18th.  The deadline for filing your 2015 Iowa income taxes is April 30th.

Also, be aware of the latest round of IRS scams that have been going around in the area.  Within the past week, Sheldon Police were notified of multiple individuals targeted by scammers claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service.  The caller told the potential victims that there had been a lawsuit filed against them.  The caller then proceeded to try and get bank account information, and other information, such as Social Security numbers from the potential victims.

Authorities say, if you get one of these calls, hang up.  The Internal Revenue Service contacts taxpayers by mail, first, concerning tax-related issues, and never asks for your banking information over the phone.



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Hull, Iowa – Fareway Stores, Inc. hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday for their much-anticipated new store located at the southwest