Food Insecurity Worsens Due To COVID; True Locally?

Primghar, Iowa — People are seeing food insecurity worsen statewide. Michelle Book, the CEO of Foodbank Of Iowa says that she is losing hope as the economic situation worsens as well as the food situation.

However, how are things on a local scale? Brenda Collier, Upper Des Moines Opportunity’s Outreach Specialist, took some time to explain the  local situation.

(as said)“Our community has really stepped up and assisting with making sure that our food pantry is stocked, and ready for the needs of the community. So, I don’t see a big change because we have a great community.”

Collier says that she has seen the need for food rise, because she has seen more people come to the pantry.

(as said)“As far as more people, we have had an increase in people coming to the food pantry, and the need has risen, but other than that, I think it’s steady.”

Upper Des Moines Opportunity is one of 18 Community Action Agencies in the State of Iowa and has been serving our communities since 1965.



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