GOP Candidate Perry Johnson Says August Debate Criteria ‘Ridiculous’

Statewide Iowa — A presidential candidate campaigning in Iowa Monday blasted the rules that could prevent him from being in the first televised debate for GOP candidates.

Perry Johnson is a Michigan businessman who’s sending his book, Two Cents to Save America, to thousands of likely Iowa Caucus goers.

In 2022, Johnson launched a campaign for governor in Michigan, but Michigan election officials ruled over 9,400 signatures on his nominating petitions were invalid and he did not have enough signatures left to get his name on the primary ballot. Courts in Michigan and a federal judge denied Johnson’s appeal of that decision. Johnson said the qualifying rules for the first debate among GOP presidential candidates in August show Washington hates him.

Johnson has never held elected office. He has written several books and earned his fortune after founding a company that certifies if businesses are meeting industrial quality standards. Johnson launched his presidential campaign this spring, after airing a campaign-style ad in Iowa during the Super Bowl.