Iowa Surveys Show White-Nose Syndrome Impacting Bats

Statewide Iowa — The Iowa DNR started conducting annual summer bat surveys in part in response to the outbreak of white-nose syndrome about ten years ago.

DNR wildlife diversity biologist, Stephanie Shepherd, says the surveys have helped them get a handle on the situation.

She says bats who gather in large groups are most vulnerable to the disease, and they’ve seen more impact in eastern Iowa where are there more caves. There’s a national effort to find a treatment for white-nose syndrome, but Shepherd says they are not involved.

Shepherd says increasing habitat is one way to make bat populations stronger.

She says bat boxes can help, especially if you have a building or home that you want to keep bats away from.

She says they also work with people who have wooded land to help bats.

You can find out more about bats on the DNR website.



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