Governor Urges New Child Care Options For Emergency Workers With Kids

Statewide Iowa — Governor Kim Reynolds says it’s important to keep child care centers open for babies, toddlers, preschoolers AND school-aged kids — so workers in health care, emergency response AND the food industry can stay on the job.

(As above) “We need to support them at this time by continuing to care for their young children so they can do what’s necessary to serve the needs of Iowans.”

Reynolds is asking schools, churches and other community organizations to consider how they may help provide child care to the children of workers who are providing essential services during the pandemic.

(As above) “Some communities have already stepped up; 117 school districts and non-public schools have said that they’re willing and able to provide the space needed for child care programs,” Reynolds says, “and 94 of those have staff to get a program up and running.”

The Iowa Department of Human Services has a map posted online that lists child care openings around the state. Kelly Garcia is the agency’s director.

(As above)  “Parents can scan by county and see openings by age group. They’ll even be able to click on a button and call a center directly,” Garcia says.

The temperature of all children and staff must be taken before they enter any Iowa child care.

(As above) “Children and staff with a fever of 100.4 or above must go home — no exceptions,” Garcia says. “Distancing as much as possible within existing centers is highly encouraged and we’d also ask that all centers remove plush toys, prohibit toys brought from home and send all blankets that children use during the day for naptime home daily for cleaning.”

More than 43-hundred Iowa homes and centers are licensed to provide child care.

(As above) “Many have shifted their business model to serve non-school-aged children of first responders and hospital staff,” Garcia says. “You, too, are public servants caring for children and keeping them safe during this unprecedented time.”

State officials announced on Sunday that new test results had confirmed 22 more positive cases of COVID-19 in Iowa A total a 90 positive cases have been identified in 24 of Iowa’s 99 counties, including one confirmed case in Sioux County, here in northwest Iowa.

The Iowa Department of Human Services has an online map of licensed child care facilities across the state, including here in the far northwest corner counties. CLICK HERE for that interactive map.

Each child care facility is taking steps to keep their children safe from exposure to the coronavirus.



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