Grassley Touts Republican $300 Billion Pandemic Relief Bill

Statewide Iowa — Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley says the 300-billion dollar coronavirus relief package Senate Republicans plan to vote on this week could be a starting point for negotiations.

(As above) “Since we can agree on these items that are not part of a total package, but things that have broad bipartisan support, we feel that we ought to move ahead with them in the Senate,” Grassley says.

President Trump’s treasury secretary unveiled a one-point-eight TRILLION dollar pandemic relief package on October 10th. That’s six times larger than the Senate GOP bill. Grassley says going bigger and bigger creates problems.

(As above) “I wouldn’t want to say what I would agree to or not agree to,” Grassley says. “…The total cost of it might be an issue, but you never get everything you want, so I wouldn’t want to say one way or the other until we study it in detail.” 

Grassley says congress should vote now on a smaller bill than includes items of agreement rather than wait for negotiations between House Democrats and the White House to come up with a larger pandemic relief package.



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