Half Marathon To Be Run In Sioux Center Saturday

Sioux Center, Iowa — Thirteen miles seems like a long distance to run. But some people will be doing just that this Saturday morning in Sioux Center.

One of the people organizing the “Harvest Half Marathon” — Jason Moeller — tells us about it.

(as said:) “The Harvest half is a simultaneous half marathon and 10K run. The 10k run — which is a six mile distance… and we have a half marathon, which is a shade over 13 miles. And both of those races are run simultaneously using the local streets and recreational Trails within the city of Sioux Center to complete those distances.”

This is only the second annual race of its kind in Sioux Center. Moeller tells us how it got started.

(as said:) “I am part of a race committee that has held a triathlon in Sioux Center here called the Siouxperman Triathlon and we’ve had that race gosh, I believe we were on our 14th year this year before we decided to cancel the race in the spring due to COVID-19. The Harvest half marathon was born out of the committee’s desire to have another event in the community and also to have an event that didn’t have… The triathlon has the swimming and the biking and needs equipment and needs facilities. And so we felt like a marathon or half-marathon or a smaller road race was the answer. To have another event we decided to put it in the fall. So it’s six months after the triathlon and that was kind of how that event was born here in the community.”

Moeller says you can register right up until the time of the race. He says the half marathon begins at 8:00 a.m. and the 10K begins at 8:45 a.m. this Saturday, October 2nd.

You can register at www.allsportscentral.com . When you get there, search for the Harvest Half. You can also find more information at their website: www.harvesthalfiowa.com.